The pleasure you see on the kids faces will tell the story. They show amazing interest in their new book. This dictionary has so much more than just words. It provides a personal connection between you and the families in your service area.girl with dictionary smiling

Third grade is when young people start to take ownership of their own possessions. Word mechanics are started in the second half of third grade. By delivering the books before Christmas, your service club is providing students a Christmas present from your members! One student wrote:

"This was my first Christmas present this year."

Your club will enjoy letters, cards and notes from the students and teachers.


These students will learn the understanding of community service and giving at an early age.

Other positives:

  • This is a great news story in your local community.
  • It is a long term marketing tool for your service club.
  • It provides a low key way to encourage future interaction with your service club -  Rotary, Kiwanis, Lion's, Sertoma, etc.
  • It serves as an introduction of Service Above Self to kids and their parents.
  • The dictionaries are an aid to the school. Most grade schools have only 2-4 dictionaries per classroom. Teachers now have greater opportunity for teaching (teaching moments) word mechanics when most needed.
  • A local HANDS ON community service project for your members!
  • This project promotes 100% member participation.  If members go once and distribute to a classroom they will want to participate every year.

The greatest LOCAL hands-on community service project ever....just not the only one.