Project Timeline  

Labeling Dictionaries (2002labelin

September24 Order Deadline
Oct 30 - Nov 15 We will ship your books and labels directly to your club
Mid Nov - Dec 1.  We suggest you hold a labeling party in mid-November as soon as the books arrive.  Paste in the Service Club Label , a sponsor label and insert a club letter.

2.  Set up delivery schedule with schools for early December after the Thanksgiving holiday break
Dec 1 - Dec 20 In our experience this is the best time to give the dictionary to  the students in their classroom. Distributing the books to the students in each classroom rather than a group setting takes a bit longer but it has a greater impact and is more personal.

Lacy and Brendan (2003-lacy-and-brenda

Suggestions for Delivery  

Try to schedule a delivery date/time when you will be given adequate time in the classroom to tell your service club's story and explain about Community Service.  It will take about 15 minutes per classroom to tell our story.   Tell the students this is one of your service projects and they are the beneficiaries.  Share what other projects you do in your own community and around the world.

We find it worthwhile to ask the School Principal to introduce the club team leader to each class. When the Principal enters the classroom the children know something important is happening.  Invite School Board members to come too.


The Letter to Parents

Your inserted letter to Mom & Dad is a very important step in telling the family about your service club and Community Service. It also tells the parents how the student received the dictionary absolutely free.

Involve the Community and Sponsors

Ask local media and your business sponsors to come to the distributions.

Share thank you notes with the whole club and send several to your business sponsors.

The greatest LOCAL hands-on community service project ever....just not the only one.