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December 202_


Dear Parents,

On behalf of the service Club of ______________, it is our great pleasure to present your child with the gift of their very own Scholastic Childrenís Dictionary.   Service clubs throughout the world believe very strongly in supporting the development of our youth, especially in the area of literacy.  We believe this dictionary will assist your child in furthering their educational development throughout the coming years.

The gift of these dictionaries would not have been possible without our partners in our service club, our members, and most importantly, our Business Sponsors.   We hope you will remember them if ever you are in need of these types of services.

In this (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.) year of our dictionary project, our (25) member service Club will be distributing over (500 dictionaries worth over $10,000 to 3rd graders in School District 20, District 38 and District 8 schools at absolutely no cost to the students, the teachers, the school, or districts!  It is this spirit of giving and community service that makes our volunteer work with service club tremendously rewarding.

For more information about service club, please visit our district website:, where you can follow the link "Clubs in our District" to locate our club.  If you would like to share your comments about our dictionary program, you can contact me by e-mail us at or by telephone at XXX-xxx-xxxx.

Yours in Service,

(President's Name Here)


Service Club of

P.O. Box

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The greatest LOCAL hands-on community service project ever....just not the only one.