From: Parent on behalf of Connor

To: President,  

Rotary Club of Colorado Springs InterQuest
Subject: Dictionary
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 20:36:56 -0700

Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you for the dictionary.  It's very useful, especially in school.  I like to find different species of animals. For instance, the Mata Mata Turtle on page 583 is very interesting. I never knew a turtle could have a head
shaped like a funnel.

Thank you again for the dictionary, I really enjoy it.

3rd Grade

Thank you note 

It helps me spell words I don't no - Garrett

I appreciate your generosity - Casey

I made a game with the dictionary - Richie

Dear Mr. Rotarian,  I am so grateful I don't know what to say. You are so nice I think I    see a halo...


Rochester, MN  55902
January 8, 2009
Denise ----------, President
Greater Rochester Rotary
Re:  Scholastic Children's Dictionary to third graders in Rochester.
Dear Greater Rochester Rotary,
            The day my son received his treasured dictionary he knew that Rochester is a wonderful home for our family!  As he slid into the backseat of the car, he carefully removed his dictionary from his backpack to show me his gift.  During the ride home he clearly read several definitions.  
            After dinner, he excused himself from the table and returned with his dictionary!  His two brothers and father were all impressed and grateful.  Silently, my husband reached over to a nearby shelf for the dictionary that we often use for homework and clarity. He opened the front cover of our dictionary and showed the family the inside notation. "Renton Rotary Club, Salute to Scholarship, to Frank V. ______, May 12, 1975"  Honestly, we now use a magnifying glass to read our old dictionary as the text is so tiny.
            For the time being, Joe has chosen not to place his treasured dictionary on the shelf next to his father's.  Instead, he honestly reads his book every night before he falls asleep.  The descriptions are so clear and the illustrations are exceptional.
            We have lived in Rochester for three years.   It is wonderful to know that our community values education and our children.  Not only does Josef love his dictionary, but his entire classroom was elated.  I am certain that there are many silent children who share Joe's appreciation.  I sincerely believe that our children will remain true to Rochester, and I hope that we can all help this great community.
            We are very grateful to the Greater Rochester Rotary and to the Funding Partner, the Carl and Verna Schmidt Foundation.

                            Angeline R. -----------, mother of

                           Josef ------------,3rd grader, Bamber Valley

The greatest LOCAL hands-on community service project ever....just not the only one.